Parents don't realize how tough having a winter baby is until it's time to plan a birthday party for them. Depending on the month, there could be a snowstorm preventing people from driving. If parents don't feel safe driving in the snow, then that means not many people are going to make it to your child's party.

Knowing how important a birthday party is to a child, an indoor party needs to exceed expectations. Kids don't have a backyard to run around in or a pool to swim at. The only space they have is the indoors. This is where it's a parent's time to shine. Instead of inviting kids over just to hang out and eat cake, we have 10 pretty awesome indoor activities to make your child's birthday party one of the best.


If your child was born around the holidays, what better idea to have than inviting everyone over to build their own gingerbread house? Invite everyone over to place, where there will be a table filled with goodies to use.

To save time and keep things organized, give each child their own area and pieces of gingerbread. Then, have little bowls of candies and frosting spread around the table so they can go wild. Play some holiday music while creating and maybe watch their favorite movie afterwards!


Having a cinema party can go one of two ways. You can invite your child and their best friends to the movie theatre, where they can see a new movie that just came out (some theatres even have a party room where they can eat snacks before or after), or you can have the cinema party at your home.

Tell all the kids to dress cozy as your birthday kiddo gets to pick two of their favorite movies to watch. Dim the lights, have snacks going around and play a game in between movies so kids can be active!


What better way to celebrate winter than at an ice skating rink? There are many rinks that have open skates perfect for birthday parties. You can even rent out a party room for lunch and birthday cake, to warm up before hitting the ice again.

Ice skates are easy to rent and you can even gift everyone a pair of cute mittens as a thank you gift. If there are any kids who don't know how to skate, every rink has handy-dandy helpers kids can bring out on the ice.


If your little one has an affinity for cooking or the Food Network, invite their little friends over to have your own Chopped competition! To make the themed party more organized, you can have bowls of safe ingredients they can use to create their own dish.

Everyone making their own pasta or pizza is an easy way to do this. To get into the theme, mom or dad can buy the party-goers a chef hat and an apron, and maybe a few medals for the best-tasting dishes!


Like ice skating, rollerblading is a great indoor activity for kids. There's enough space for all the kids to run around, there's music, and disco lights…

Your kiddo and their friends will be blading so long that they'll be tired by the time you're about to leave. It's also a wonderful way to stay active while cooped up in those colder months.


Similar to gingerbread making, if your little one has a holiday birthday, why not have a party decorating ornaments! If guests don't celebrate Christmas and don't feel comfortable decorating ornaments for a Christmas tree, give them the option of decorating a picture frame instead.

Have a Polaroid camera there for the gang to take pictures as well, so they can place their new picture in their themed picture frame. Any parent can easily grab some ornament-making props from any craft store.


You don't need to be a kid to enjoy Disney's Frozen. The hit movie is one of the most successful animated films of our time (and the sequel is sure to be a huge deal too). It's also the most appropriate movie available for a child's winter birthday.

Have your little one and their friends decorate cupcakes or cake pops with the Frozen soundtrack playing in the background. Then, when everyone is done decorating, they can eat their treats while watching the movie.


This party could be a win-win for both parents and their winter baby, because it's something everyone can enjoy. Invite both the child and their parents to come to the local bowling alley.

The parents can have some drinks and play together while their kids can all play together alongside them. Take a cake break in between games and then get back to the lanes!


There is so much a parent can plan when it comes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can have comics around for kids to read, you can have the animated TV show playing in the background for them to watch, you can have everyone gather around to watch the movie after dinner... The ideas are endless.

Parents can also get some plastic bins or smaller cardboard boxes and TMNT colored ribbon so they can make their own shell.


Laser tag sure is an experience, and it's not something many people get to do often. Just think about the last time you went laser tag — how long ago was it? It's a great activity that gets kids and adults running around while having a great time.

Most laser tag studios also have some arcade games and party rooms to use as well. Eat some pizza, open some presents, and get back to running around with your besties!

No matter what party option you choose, use the GiftWalker app for all of your planning needs. Until next time!