It’s November, which means that the cold and AUTUMN are well and truly upon us. There is always a bit of nostalgia this time of year, as we remember the sights, smells, sounds, and the feeling that we all associate with fall.

With the holiday season approaching, what better time to take the kids out on an adventure? Let them appreciate all of the things their parents did when they were young. Who knows? Maybe the kid in you may come out to play, too!

Fall Leaves

CCredit: Vladimir Tomic/Unsplash. Dog in leaf pile

Imagine driving down a lane, lined with groves of trees. Summer has departed, and the leaves are changing in color. Some orange, some yellow, some red or brown. Beautiful. Take the kids on a road trip into the country for an afternoon and have a picnic under those rapidly changing trees.

And who doesn’t love a giant leaf pile? I know I, for one, loved raking the leaves just so I could scatter them again. When the leaves are dry, the satisfying crunch you hear when walking under the nearly bare trees is also quite enjoyable.


Credit to Annie Spratt/Unsplash; children baking in the fall

Without even mentioning the pies that need to be made for Thanksgiving, there are so many opportunities to have a fun time baking with the kids. Make some pumpkin spice cookies or a pecan cake. Whatever you choose, don’t worry about the mess and just have fun!

Hot Chocolate

Credit to: Alisa Anton/Unsplash; hot chocolate in the fall

This is a favorite of mine. Lots of marshmallows, please! Hot chocolate is necessary for the cold, especially for kids who shouldn’t drink coffee. Whether sitting around a campfire telling stories on a camp out or at home in your pajamas while watching a movie, you can’t go wrong with delicious hot cocoa. (And please, don’t forget the marshmallows!)

Pumpkin Patch

While I never really held this tradition as a kid, as a parent, I love doing this with my kids. It’s a wonderful atmosphere! Not only do you get to pick a perfect pumpkin (for pumpkin pie, seeds, anything really), but you also have the opportunity to collect hundreds of memories. Your kids will have a blast!

Fall Party

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed celebrating a Halloween birthday party. Most of the hacks on that list apply to a fall party as well. Whether outside or in, provide heat and food, and your guests are sure to have a good time! Order a movie, play some board games… whatever you decide to do, make the most of it!

Now that Summer has turned to Fall and the weather is getting colder, bundle up and have some fun with the kids. They are only young once, right? And don’t forget, when your birthday party planning arrives, you can count on the GiftWalker App to help!