Many of us face a daunting and tiresome task of sending various invites to events and those are the times you just want it to be as simple as possible.  «How to invite someone to a party» is a term many of us typed hoping there is an easy solution. Children party invitations are no exception to this conundrum, particularly since many of us have contact details scattered across productivity tools. At school there is likely a WhatsUp group or an email group of all parents, your child might be playing with someone you are connected to on LinkedIn or you might want to invite your colleagues using Facebook Messenger or Slack.

How to Invite Someone to a Kids' Bday Party?

In our latest product update, we wanted to solve this problem by giving customers various options for the same invitation, namely, they will be able to select both Invite via email and/or Invite via Link. Our standard feature, Invite via Email remains the same, going through your email contacts and allowing you to add new contacts if you already know their email. But what is new, is the Invite via Link.


«I want to do fewer manual steps to send invitations without having to save work and come back later or to go back and forth between various apps and screens»

Giftwalker user, Survey November 2020

There are only a few simple steps to complete the whole invite list, click on the button Invite via Link and the screen will pull up offering the most recent contacts with various apps below that could be utilized to send invitations.


Once done, customers can repeat the process with another app, as many times as needed or continue at another time. Invitees/guests will receive the invite with a name of the party and a link for easy access.