Wishlist is a present registry that is part of the free kid’s party planner App GiftWalker. Like a wedding gift registry, parents can make a list of gift options that are entirely within their control. This concept of gifting takes into consideration busy parents looking for simple solutions to their child’s party planning that they can manage themselves. Those who are open to using Giftwalker’s Wishlist App will join a new generation of parents streamlining the party gifting process and reducing mass amounts of waste caused by unwanted gifts.

Attention Parents: Have You Ever Had One of ‘Those’ Moments?

  1. You woke up on the morning of a weekend only to discover you have another child’s birthday party in a matter of hours and you have no present.
  2. It is a Sunday, you have a child’s birthday party to attend, but you are cool. You actually spent a lot of time picking out the perfect gift last week, and you are sure they will love it. Unfortunately, another parent had the same idea, and the birthday boy has just unwrapped the exact same toy right in front of your excited 5-year-old. No, you didn’t get in there first.
  3. You have a large family, and your second child is having a christening, bar/bat mitzvah, elementary school graduation party, 1st birthday party, holy communion (the list goes on). There is a long guest list, and every text, call, or message you receive is from a guest asking about gifts. You tell everyone the same thing “I’m sure whatever you decide will be perfect.”  The following week after, the party is filled with awkward conversations with guests offering receipts so you can exchange all the double-ups.

Wishlist gifts eliminate all these familiar moments for the party host and their guests. A straightforward online solution is more convenient than a social media invitation and serves a much bigger purpose.

Benefits to using GiftWalker’s Wishlist App:

  1. Reduces gift anxiety – Opening gifts (even gifts for your own child) can bring you stress. The receiver can feel pressure to make the gift giver feel appreciated, even if the gift isn’t something they wanted or needed. Children’s faces can give it all away so quickly, no matter how hard they try to appear appreciative. Using Wishlist for birthdays and children’s parties is a way for both the giver and receiver to get the most out of the moment.
  2. No duplicate gifts. No parent, friend, or family member wants to be responsible for adding another to-do list to someone’s already busy schedule. We all know that having to return a gift is a hassle. A wishlist can avoid all the drama and apologies, making the entire gift-giving experience a positive one.
  3. Clothing sizes. You may really need clothes for your child and a birthday is a perfect time for them to receive some. Why let friends waste money on toys your child doesn’t need when what they really need are some clothes? Most people don’t gift clothes because getting the correct sizes for children’s clothes is a risky business.
  4. Less gift waste – Gift waste is a $14 billion problem. There is a clear need for consumers to start moving towards using gift registries like a Wishlist online. We should all become part of the movement!
  5. Wishlist Saves time for everyone. Once a child starts school, there is a birthday party almost every weekend. Other parents will thank you for the convenience of picking the perfect gift with no time wasted at the ease of a quick click of a button on their smartphone.
  6. Get age-safe appropriate gifts. Different households have different rules. It can sometimes be awkward trying to explain your choices to your family and friends. For example, you may have banned violent toys, perhaps you prefer Montessori, or have a plastic-free household. Maybe you prefer gender-neutral toy choices or are anxious about choking hazards. As a parent, you can add to Wishlist only those products you are comfortable with. There are no awkward conversations, and no feelings are hurt.

How Does Wishlist Work?

Want to see how easy it is to use our  Wishlist App? You can see for yourself in our helpful video demonstration:

Wishlist Ideas and Things to Consider When Making Your List

When introducing your wishlist to friends and family, your wishlist gifts should be respectful of other people’s budgets. To avoid any pressure or embarrassment, be sure to add wishlist ideas that do not have to be purchased, such as your child’s favorite baked goods, some homemade slime, or even some artwork.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Sustainable Gifts

Make your list ecofriendly. Amazon has a large variety of sustainable toys available for various ages. Be sure to research your products and make sure they are age-appropriate for your child.

2. Montessori Gifts

With a large influx of Montessori childcare centers and educational facilities, many parents are looking to continue Montessori in their homes. There is a large variety of Montessori toys available for younger children. There is also a large variety of learning resources available.

3. Crafty Gifts

Making a list of craft supplies or craft-based products is an excellent idea for party hosts that want to be inclusive of all present budgets. There is something for everyone’s budget in a crafty list!

4. Science Gifts

If your child is taking an interest in bugs, space, rocks, wildlife, and crazy science experiments, you will have an abundance of gifts to put on your wishlist. Science can cover various products, including 3D puzzles, science topic books, binoculars, weird science packages, and games.

Our List of The 10 Top Gift Picks For 2021

There is something for almost every child in our top 10 toys of 2021! We have tried to cover a range of ages and as you will see some toys are timeless.

1. JackInTheBox Space Educational STEM Toy

If you have a creative child that is a lover of all things space, Amazon and our team agree that this is a top gift to buy. This creative and educational toy includes 6 fun projects made up of both science and arts and crafts!

Ideal Space Gift for Boys and Girls Aged 6 to10 Years Old

Check out the best pricing here: JackInTheBox Space Educational STEM Toy

2. LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child Building Kit

You can never go past the latest Star Wars toys or LEGO in a list like this. If you have a star wars fan over the age of 10 years in your home, this is a great choice. This set comprises 295-pieces of LEGO and comes with signature weapons. Doubles as a toy or a decorative piece with stands.

Check out the best pricing here: LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child 75317 Building Kit

3. TECBOSS Karaoke Microphone for Kids

If your child is an enthusiastic singer or music lover, look no further. This karaoke microphone connects to almost any device via Bluetooth, cable connection, or a microSD. Children can play music through the microphone while singing. It comes in different color options and doubles up as a wireless speaker. The microphone and music settings have separate volume controls, so you can balance the sound to allow for a realistic performance! Extra features include an echo effect. Suitable for ages 4-100!

Check out the best pricing here: TECBOSS Karaoke Microphone for Kids

4. Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk (Jumbo)

Writing on the street or driveway is something kids have been doing forever. This is a great gift to add to Wishlist and covers a wide range of ages from 2+.

This is a 20-piece box set of multicolored jumbo street writing chalk conveniently packed in a bucket with a handle. The chalk is safe, non-toxic, washable, and formulated to decrease chalk dust! Kids will spend hours drawing creatively and playing games like hop-scotch and tic tac toe.

Check out the best pricing here:  Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk.

5. Montessori Busy Board for Toddlers

Keep busy toddlers aged 3 occupied while working on their fine motor skills playing with this active board. This toy is great for toddlers to play with at home, while traveling, or even in a cafe. This is an educational toy designed for your child’s development and your sanity! Locks, latches, buckle zipper snaps, and a teaching shoelace kit.

Check out the best pricing here: Montessori Busy Board for Toddlers

6. LOL Surprise Hairgoals Series 2

LOL dolls have become extremely popular thanks to the famous YouTube Kids videos of children opening them worldwide. This may not be your choice of toy, but little girls everywhere are begging their parents for an LOL, and so it had to go on the list!

This series 2 doll comes with 15 surprises to open, including the doll itself with real hair in an outstanding style. All dolls come with color change surprises inside and many accessories.
This doll comes with small pieces and is appropriate for ages 5+.

Check out the best pricing here:  LOL Surprise Hairgoals Series 2 Doll with Real Hair

7. Kick Glow in The Dark Slime

Another one of those timeless products that just keeps being reinvented. Glow in the dark slime will intrigue and engage curious children from ages 3 to 12. This is an easy and affordable gift that will be popular with all children!

Check out the best pricing here: Kicko Glow in The Dark Slime

8. STEM Toys- Educational Engineering Model Building Set

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This particular set will engage children from ages 5 to 9 years old. Educators and parents around the world are recommending STEM toys.

Check out the best pricing here: STEM Toys, Educational Engineering Model Building Set.

9. XIAPIA Baby Toddler Tricycle Bike: No Pedals!

These bikes are fantastic. Recommended babies aged 10-36 months come in gender-neutral animal designs and encourage little ones to push themselves along, developing their strength, balance, and coordination. The bike takes 2 minutes to assemble, so you can have it ready to ride almost as soon as it is opened!

Check out the best pricing here: Baby Toddler Tricycle Bike No Pedals 10-36 Months Ride-on Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor Balance Bike

10. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: Magnetic Putty With Memory Effect

This is slime for all ages, but older children, in particular, enjoy this brand. This is a more sophisticated slime with a magnetic element to it. Although this product is recommended for all ages, we recommend this brand for children aged 8+

Check out the best pricing here: Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Final Thoughts

The world is changing, and we complete a lot of our daily tasks via smartphone, tablet or laptop. We have learnt to adapt to all the marvelous conveniences that come with technology. These conveniences often come with a price, but this one is FREE!

What is nice about this innovative approach to kids parties, is that as a consumer you are minimising waste and playing your part to move towards a more sustainable world. What a great lesson for all children to learn early!